Come be a part of the Delta's Best Yacht Club!

What is Marina West Yacht Club All About?

Marina West Yacht Club (MWYC) is a private, family-oriented Yacht Club that is both owned and operated by its own members. We are passionate about safe boating and social fellowship in the Sacramento Delta, and we have a lot of fun. Our home, Oxbow Marina, is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Sacramento Delta and we are an active club with many events on our calendar.

Some of the Benefits of Membership Include:

·  (MWYC)  is a member of the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association (PICYA) which offers reciprocal rights to many other yacht clubs around the world. 

·  Use of our clubhouse at Oxbow Marina and our onsite bar.

·  A variety  of social interactions, both within our club and with other visiting clubs.

·  Great fun, great food, and great Shipmates

·  Personalized Name Tags for use in the club and a separate set for traveling.

·  A Marina West Yacht Club burgee to fly on your boat.

·  A fun calendar of events including holiday parades, cruise-ins, cruise-outs, game nights, membership meetings, and more!

Requirements to Join Marina West Yacht Club:

1.      Attendance at a minimum of two Marina West Yacht Club events.

2.      Sponsorship by two current MWYC members who are in good standing with the Club.

3.      Payment of the $100 application fee and the $10 RBOC Assessment.

4.      Majority Approval by the Board of Directors.

5.      Payment of Annual Dues: Currently $375 per year (or prorated amount).

Please complete the below application and mail, e-mail, or drop it by the clubhouse.